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Roast Chicken Strikes Again – with Grapes, Olives & Rosemary


2014-01-06 19.35.29-1

Roast chicken is on my “perfect it” list. I can’t get over all of these wintry roasted, braised, wine-y, juicey, flavorful roast chicken recipes. This one is no exception! After making the stove-top Mediterrean chicken and rice, I wanted to try out the pan-searing then roasting in the oven technique. I thought this was called braising but apparently that’s for like one-pot meal kind of things.

I adjusted the recipe by 1.5 to make it suitable for 6 people and thus had to shift from baking in a skillet to a roasting pan. It worked out fine though because I still made the gravy/sauce in the skillet since it had the seared chicken juices in the pan. Both serious eats and amateurgourmet have tried the recipe for this chicken.

So, like JoytheBaker suggests, still working on “mise en place” this year aka PREPARE BEFOREHAND! Aka our trusty 3×5 cards to prep us for a seamless transition from pan to oven. Bone-in skin-on chicken, you are in fact somewhat difficult to work with.  Deb suggests you use any mix of bone-in skin-on cuts, but I have to say it’s hard to get breasts to cook at the same tenderness as thighs and drumsticks. The breasts cooked up faster and I was still waiting on the dark meat. I know that if you’re having guests (which I was) you really need to have both white and dark meat, but please, if you are going to make this and like dark meat, I’d stick to drumsticks and thighs. Much juicier!

To start, I focus on the bird. Cutting off excess fat and drying the chicken, then sprinkling each piece with kosher salt and pepper. Since the chicken will take a little bit of time in the pan, it was okay to worry about the accoutrements after I got the chicken in the pan. Then, go ahead and heat up your pan, add a very tiny bit of oil and sear away on the skin-side first!

2014-01-06 18.25.55After washing my hands and being chicken free, I sliced shallots very thinly and measured out 1.5 cups each of grapes and olives. I decided to serve with a side of lemony garlic asparagus, so I also washed and prepped those. Set out your white wine and chicken broth for later.

2014-01-06 18.25.49

2014-01-06 18.25.47


After searing my two batches of chicken and gaining a thin film of chicken fat on my shirt, I nestled the chicken into a roasting pan and mixed these guys over top. I thought it would need some salt or flavoring or something, but turns out the blend of sweet grapes and really salty olives kept it flavorful.

2014-01-06 18.39.17When the chicken emerged from the oven after around 23 minutes, I scraped the juices back into the skillet to make the white wine and chicken broth sauce. Pour over top and garnish with fresh rosemary. I served this with crusty french bread and steamed asparagus yummmm.

2014-01-06 19.35.29




Thai Shitake Mushroom Coconut Chicken Stir-fry



Because what else is there to do after you run 7 miles with your soul sistah?!?! “We’re goin ta flavor town with this one!!” would be the response we’d get from Guy Fieri if he were interviewing my friend Sarah and me on DDD. SOLID post-run meal if you were wondering, and also good with white vino. I was telling someone the other day that it’s gonna be a longggg road before I feel comfortable recommending wine/spirits pairings with food, but hey, the cheapest bottom shelf Pinot Grigio at Whole Foods worked well here. So there you go.

If any of you out there have listened to the Parent Trap Pandora station, you’ll understand my confusion when the entire playlist throughout this cooking experience provided us with songs from the 1950s. To give those non-Parent-Trap-lovers some perspective, the classic was filmed in 1998. NEVERTHELESS, OLDIES BUT GOODIES. AHHH what a great night it was. And really, you should make this for a group of four. Preferably to impress them with your chopping skills because you’ll have some mastery after all these veggies go in.

Being all non-cultured with the appropriate seasonal vegetables, we were not aware that Whole Foods does not sell Napa cabbage this time of year. Luckily, savoy is a useful alternative my friends! Serve this recipe from EatingWell circa 2010 over some simple short grain brown rice or rice noodles. You can’t go wrong! Honestly. In fact, if you’re nervous about cooking meat, just eliminate the chicken and throw in a few more mushrooms.

Can someone help me with my Thanksgiving pinterest board by the way?? I’m struggling big time. I seriously need some advice on sides?!



Props to Sarah you’re my chopping hero. We used chicken breasts and pounded them thin to get the pieces all tender!

stirfry8Friends all hangin out and whatnot – Scallions + Ginger + Jalapeno

stirfry1Mushrooms simmering away in coconut milk, fish sauce, and lime juice




stirfry4We almost bought a basil plant to get this lil bit…but then we found some. The end.


A Bon-Appetempt wannabe – Chicken with Caramelized Onions and Cardamom Rice



Here’s to my favorite blogging video of all time. If you’ve been around me, my new iPhone, or anything with wi-fi, I’ve probably showed you this vid. I just absolutely love Amelia Morris’ sense of humor and weird voices. Mostly because I am all about the loud voices and imitations, whether or not I’m in the kitchen. The best part of this vid is definitely BAKED CHECKEN GETCHA BAKED CHECKEN. Sadly, my photo skills have really got to pick it up. I’m so excited about the food that I forget to take pictures before it’s all gone. Forgive me, but srsly make THIS AND WATCH THE VIDEO.

I love this dish because it’s deceptive comfort food. The dill and parsley and cilantro give it this fresh texture that lightens up the extremely moist and rich chicken and rice. It’s that chicken and rice base that represents comfort food for so many cultures that I love. My grandma’s Chicken Tikka Masala is our family’s traditional comfort food as well as the ultimate Khausway, a Burmese chicken dish that reminds me of every family memory with my Dad’s side.

For some families, it’s that chicken, saltine, rice, and cheese casserole-y thing that makes you want to curl up in a ball and be a cat-lady (wut?). No, but seriously, sometimes that stuff is zooo good. It was really fun to make this comfort food with my friend Caelan as we are both adjusting to post-grad life, moving into the “real people” phase. Just kidding, but honestly it was a great Sunday night meal for two friends catching up. I encourage you to make this with a friend on a night when you have the time to wait for a hearty chicken dish to simmer slowly for a solid half hour, leaving you time to share your exciting stories from the weekend and calm each others’ nerves for the week!

I feel so blessed.



Caramelized onions…my friend Kelly and I could eat these like a dip or even plain…

DSCF4287yummy chicken with spices…it pays to have an Indian grandmother with whole spices in her cabinet 🙂

DSCF4290omg yes. Follow the rules and don’t move your chicken around too much! Let it get crispy

DSCF4292When you add the rice, get it all coated with oil and spices before adding in the water. Ours was SOOO oily, so there’s really no need to add more oil if you ask me


DSCF4299Mysterious, I know :/





Dinner date with Dad – Arroz con Pollo



I’m so excited to be able to cook a full meal for my fam! After trying to make small meals at school so I wouldn’t have to eat the same thing for a week, it’s refreshing to be able to make a family-style meal. This recipe has been on my list for a while and was the perfect one-pot wonder summer dinner. Although it is wonderful when the whole family’s together, it was nice to have a dinner just pops and me.

I was a bit nervous about setting the whole dinner aside in one pan to cook for 45-60 minutes, but the constant unpacking that overwhelms my life distracted me throughout the cooking time. I’m also terrible at cooking rice, but luckily my dad taught me a few tricks. This recipe calls for valencia rice, but we only had long-grain white rice (Indians…). I didn’t know you could rinse long-grain rice and get all the starch out to help reduce the cooking time to something along the lines of an arborio or valencia rice.

In addition, I substituted a few whole tomatoes from a can for roma tomatoes. We countered the lack of saffron in our pantry with an extra 1/2 tsp of tumeric and I ended up adding some more cumin and red pepper flakes at the end because I thought it needed a bit more spice. Adrianna says she used about 4 cups of chicken stock to fully cook the rice, but mine only took about 3. Either way I would keep 4 cups on hand in case you need the full amount to cook the rice.

This is one of those dishes where I feel stupid saying “aRRRRRoz con POYO” but saying “chicken and rice” reminds me of that time I had to feed a bunch of people and we put some shredded chicken in orzo and when brainstorming what kind of sauce/toppings we should add, my friend Sean tried to convince us to dump a can of cream of mushroom soup to the mix…….maybe, but no. just no.

Served with a side salad, this dish was sooo much and should have been for a crowd! We’ll be eating the leftovers all weekend woohoo

Recipe here:

Brown the chicken: SORRY if this grosses you out



once all the chicken is browned, remove and cook up the onions and garlic



add in tomatoes + bell pepper…spices added below


rice soaks up all zee flavors


after cooking in the broth for ~45 mins



Lime Peanut Ginger Chicken Noodle Bowl


This was one of the few of my mix-and-match recipe concoctions that actually turned out well…woohoo! A few weeks back, my friend Molly and I made this yummy spaghetti squash stir fry and I decided to recreate it with some chicken. I don’t know about you, but I need to figure out how to mix it up with some marinades. This is usually pretty difficult considering by the time I decide I might want chicken for dinner, it’s still cooped up nestled between some ice cream and a pizza in the freezer.

Weeelll if you have one of those rare mornings where you can spare ten-fifteen minutes, this peanut sauce + a little extra soy sauce + the lime rind works as a great chicken marinade! Plus it’s super convenient because then you can use the rest of the sauce for some veggies and noodles. 

Morning: Whip up the peanut sauce, using olive/veggie oil instead of grapeseed (don’t really have any grapeseed oil around my college kitchen…) We actually used a mix of sesame+olive I think


Imagelooks kinda weird, but i swear this is great! peanut butter, chili garlic, a whole lime and lots of other sweet+spicy goodness



Next: Coat some chicken tenders in a a few tablespoons of sauce + a few shakes of soy sauce in a plastic bag. I also added the lime rind to add flavor but who knows if that did anything 🙂 Place in the refrigerator for 3-12 hrs…I wish I had done this overnight!

Dinnertime: Heat up a pan and cook up your chicken 4-5 minutes per side. I’d also recommend tenderizing it a bit (pound out breasts/tenders until flattened a bit)




Take out the chicken and set aside. Add to the pan some chopped onions and peppers with a bit of oil


While these are cooking up, microwave those black noodles your mom sent you in a package (ok ya that’s just me, but ya know, noodles, rice whatever you want!)



ImageCook up your onions with peppers, garlic, frozen stir fry veggies (I used broccoli cuts), and baby carrots with some more peanut sauce


Mix it all up with some chopped cilantro and crushed peanuts on top!