Find all my adapted recipes here!


Looking for fun entertaining ideas or a late afternoon snack? Peruse this page for the secrets to woo-ing your boyfriend’s parents the first time they come for dinner, whipping up an impromptu happy hour, and just for some nice snackeroos


Here’s the key to hearty dishes, light vegetarian meals, and everything in-between. You can see how my tastes and dishes change from season to season and how I navigate new seasonal veggies!


Ah, breakfast. My favorite meal of the day. When I was in college, most of these recipes document weekly breakfast dates with my close friends. Some are decadent, some are lean, but you can bet they’ll all be filling. I am a firm believer in a hearty meal to start the day.


There’s nothing like a good dip to spice up any appetizer or snack. These pair well with my food processor obsession! No worries if you don’t have one, get out your blender or potato masher and get to work!


One key word here: Potluck. It’s fun to come up with a whole meal concept and think about the parts of a flowing meal, but what about those times when you only need a side? Click here! Click here!


Toppling birthday cakes, stress-relieving bake-outs, and rainy afternoons can be found in this section. Find my favorite holiday desserts, birthday recipes, and tips here!






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