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Chipotle Apple Turkey Burgers




Although I don’t get to experience the lovely Northern California grill-outs mid-March like Sara Forte, I have still managed to incorporate her recipes into the cold Virginia winter. While these delicious burgers called for a grill, I cooked them on the stove-top and they turned out great! I am often skeptical of cooking turkey burgers on the grill also because they tend to fall apart.

These burgers are delicious if you like a little spice in your burger. I have never used canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, and I think I have found a new fave spice. The recipe only calls for use of one of the peppers, so I am trying to think of where else I can use the sauce and peppers. Chipotle spiced mac ‘n’ cheese? Chili? No idea, but if you are at UVA and want to join forces, I am down to experiment with recipes! This recipe is great for making ahead of time as well. I individually wrapped up the burgers after I formed them and froze them for later. They were a great quick burger for guests a few days later! You need to buy the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook if you haven’t already!!!DSCN0405

saute garlic onions celery


I’m really sorry if this pic grosses you out, but here’s what I did to save them for later! mmm burgers with apple, celery, thyme, onions, garlic, chipotle peppers etc



DSCN0422english muff + spinach + burger + a bit of agave nectar/mustard

Friends help friends who can’t take pretty pics – PB and J Bars



After subjecting my friend Wesley to a semester of sitting behind me and being forced to look at countless food blog distractions during class (rarely of course), I had to actually prove to him that I CAN in fact cook at least a few of them. Besides wanting to spend some quality non-comm-school time together, I roped him into showing off his photography skills! Take a look at his facebook page to see this guy in action. I love that we could combine forces and make something tasty! Brian (a fellow classmate and great recipe-tester), Wesley, and I made these on a lazy Friday afternoon. And by that I mean I made them, Wesley photographed, and Brian cheerleaded from the couch.

I spent wayyy too long researching PB&J Bar recipes bc I really wanted one that was not totally just a shortbread crush and one that did not require so much jam. While I would love to be able to use 1 cup of jam in a recipe, jam is expensive!! So this was my tweaking secret: pureed strawberries. It make a thick topping to a shortbready oat crust and I just mixed it with half the amount of jam to save my wallet. Credit goes to Brian for the oat-y topping! Sadly the picture of the final product is from my phone and not from Wesley’s pretty pics 😦

making a shortbready crust










photo (14)

I also combined a few recipes, so here’s some to pick from!:

Procrastinating with muffins



I have a way for choosing the MOST awkward times to make muffins. Last year I had a pretty non-functional kitchen and would conveniently attempt a pumpkin peanut butter muffin batch at like 8 am while the 16 other girls I lived with tried to make breakfast. These carrot spice muffins were a vehicle for spring break packing procrastination at midnight the day before I left for the beach. What is it about a muffin that gets me so off track??

I’ve learned that whenever I’m having an itch to cook or bake, muffins will ALWAYS be well-received. Although the classic chocolate chip cookie will remain a staple favorite, the muffin appeals to the healthier sort as it can range from the supersweet banana chocolate chip to the grainy bran muffin.

I’ve also been on this kick of mastering the thickness of a muffin. Trying to eliminate some of the refined sugar makes the recipes healthier and more interesting, but quite often they come out a BIT too dense and awkwardly chewy like soda bread. These muffins are apple-ginger and the spring-break-road-trip-snack-ones were vegan carrot spice!

I’m telling ya, muffin craze!  –> (watch the last recipe on the video!)

Apple-ginger muffins: Image




best kind of mornings


these Vegan Carrot Spice Muffins were SOOOO good. For an extra kick for those who wanted the SWEET side of muffins, I added a little peanut butter cream cheese frosting adapted from this recipe. I LOVE shredding things, but this grating on a microplane was a little much…Also I didn’t have flax seed, raisins, or walnuts, but I added some almonds I think. These are pretty flexible to whatever ya want to add