Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pink food galore





Sometimes I walk into the grocery store with a magnetic pull to any sort of random food. Apparently this one week it was beets and strawberries…talk about natural lipstick….

Anywho I found this awesome pre-made foccaccia-esque pizza dough and made beet and goat cheese pizza as well as strawberry and goat cheese pizza!!

Essentially, you just simmer some thinly sliced onions with butter for like 30 mins, spread some EVOO and minced garlic as your base, and add toppings.

For beets, I would recommend roasting them a day in advance because it takes FORREEVVERRR to roast them. Also, they are a MESS. like triplet toddler mess (I would assume…)

For strawberries, I HIGHLY recommend topping your pizza with some basil, basil-infused EVOO, or pesto. The herby pizza dough is enough to give it some good flavor, but pesto + strawberries is so good!