Procrastinating with muffins



I have a way for choosing the MOST awkward times to make muffins. Last year I had a pretty non-functional kitchen and would conveniently attempt a pumpkin peanut butter muffin batch at like 8 am while the 16 other girls I lived with tried to make breakfast. These carrot spice muffins were a vehicle for spring break packing procrastination at midnight the day before I left for the beach. What is it about a muffin that gets me so off track??

I’ve learned that whenever I’m having an itch to cook or bake, muffins will ALWAYS be well-received. Although the classic chocolate chip cookie will remain a staple favorite, the muffin appeals to the healthier sort as it can range from the supersweet banana chocolate chip to the grainy bran muffin.

I’ve also been on this kick of mastering the thickness of a muffin. Trying to eliminate some of the refined sugar makes the recipes healthier and more interesting, but quite often they come out a BIT too dense and awkwardly chewy like soda bread. These muffins are apple-ginger and the spring-break-road-trip-snack-ones were vegan carrot spice!

I’m telling ya, muffin craze!  –> (watch the last recipe on the video!)

Apple-ginger muffins: Image




best kind of mornings


these Vegan Carrot Spice Muffins were SOOOO good. For an extra kick for those who wanted the SWEET side of muffins, I added a little peanut butter cream cheese frosting adapted from this recipe. I LOVE shredding things, but this grating on a microplane was a little much…Also I didn’t have flax seed, raisins, or walnuts, but I added some almonds I think. These are pretty flexible to whatever ya want to add





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