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Kimchi and Bacon Brussels Sprouts


Ok so for Valentine’s Day I wanted to make heart-shaped brownies and sugary sugary cookies and drink wine and gab for hours. Well I did gab for hours on GALENTINE’S DAY! But for the amount that I’ve been baking lately, these brussels sprouts are a savory that really stands out. And it’s a secretly easy dish. Do you ever have those moments in your life where you stop breathing because you almost wonder if life could be that sweet…and you look over your shoulder to see if anyone else is going to burst your bubble? These brussels sprouts will make you look over your shoulder to see if anyone else is seeing just how simple the recipe is when it seems so exotic.

Usually I really like brussels sprouts with a sweet and salty hint, but these are more of a salty and tart combo, it’s complex! Sophisticated right?


Also, two things I realized this week that I hadn’t remembered: Joey Fatone is in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and that Butter Pecan is a way underrated ice cream flavor. Random side note aside, let’s explore these greenies.

Brussels Sprouts with Kimchi and Bacon, adapted from the New York Times


3 slices turkey bacon

1 lb brussels sprouts

1-2 TBS butter

olive oil

salt and pepper

1 cup kimchi (they sell it at the grocery store it’s all pickle-y if you’re not familiar)

Turn on the oven to 400 degrees. I sliced up about 3 pieces of turkey bacon and fried them in a little bit of oil (due to their lack of a lot of fat they have been burning in the saute pan).

DSCF4586While chopping up the bacon, I sliced off the brussels sprouts’ “butts” and sliced them in half. The timing works out peeps, don’t be in a rush.

DSCF4587Ok, bacon’s cooked! Take it out with a slotted spoon and then add in your brussels sprouts. Add some oil to the pan if these guys are a little bit dry and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Let them get a little golden browny in the pan then transfer to the oven. Here’s where I differ from the New York Times. I let them turn green and roast for around 15 minutes but I wanted them a little crispier, so I set the oven rack on the top rung and turned up the heat to broil for a minute or two. But if you don’t want them super crispy, I think 12-15 minutes is enough time.

While these are cooking, go ahead and puree your kimchi. Put it in a bowl and set aside for when the brussels sprouts are ready.

DSCF4591DSCF4589Bacon is added back in with some butter, mmmmm. Then off to the kimchi, hello Korean goodness!


DSCF4593Serve aside this delicious slow-roasted salmon!





Cornmeal-crusted Sweet Potato Fries with Summer Herb Aioli



I love how aioli is the fancy end-all be-all name for mayonnaise+lemon juice +you-name-it. Oooo my Mom and I went to lunch a few months ago at this girly lunch place where they serve their french fries with Kalamata olive aioli. Life will certainly never be the same. I really feel a connection to someone who serves me a common menu item like french fries or toast or something and a dip that I could have SWORN I came up with.  Like the time I had oatmeal pancakes with blueberry applesauce and SERIOUSLY thought the chef must have pecked through my mental legal pad of sauce ideas. Back to that kalamata aioli. Ah, salt.

These fries come from the wonderful Sarah Britton’s MyNewRoots blog and can be found here! I love her pictures and I really wish I could travel to cool places!!!! Every time I make sweet potato fries, I’m with all of you in the struggle to get to the appropriate crispyness level. I’m actually not opposed to the softer ones especially if they’ve got a good spice blend on the sweeter side, but when serving others, I feel like I should reach the definition of “fries.”

So Sarah’s recommendation to douse them in cornmeal was brilliant. These came out with a crusty layer (these CRUSTY CRUSTS I GOT, see Glozell for explanation) and really need very little seasoning. I followed her instructions closely, finding it very helpful to soak the cut strips in water. I have heard of that trick for potatoes before but never really saw it in action. Let me tell ya, after taking those potatoes out after 10 ish minutes and seeing the silt in the bottom of the bowl, I’m following the rules again next time.

SONY DSCToss these guys in cornmeal, olive oil (we dont have any other ones although I heard coconut is good!), salt and pepp, and some garlic powder

SONY DSCThere was supposed to be a yogurt sauce, but I only had mayo. So I went with it. To make the aioli, I chopped up some chives, basil, green onions, squeezed half a lemon, a clove of garlic, and some black pepper with the mayo. It was DELISH.


SONY DSCOooo I thought I’d share this just for kicks. Made some dijon/balsamic roasted brussel sprouts too 🙂