Rainy day calls for desperate measures – BB French Toast



Otherwise known as “Jules and Katie do Monday morning right”

Another adventure that’s been in our daydreams for months, Banana Bread French Toast is one of those pinterest things that you just can’t get out of your head. No matter how many times you convince yourself that banana bread and french toast could stick to their respective baked good and hot breakfast item categories, respectively, you’ll still revert back to dreaming of a crunchy, sweet, decadent breakfast. 

And we can tell you now that IT’S SO WORTH IT. Last week, I made a banana bread loaf in anticipation of our leetle date. I have always wanted to make all these variations of banana bread, but stuck to this basic recipe, knowing that the french toast recipe would probably work best with a simple walnuty, moist bread. Twas VERY moist and I highly recommend this recipe if you want a classic banana bread. 

I cut a few of these slices the night before we made it to let them harden a bit on the edges. This bread is really that moist that even 2-3 days after baking it, the bread still needed to be left out overnight to firm up. This step was definitely necessary otherwise I think the bread would’ve fallen apart. (one piece is kinda messy bc i cut off like half a chunk :/)Image

The next morning, I arrived at Julesy’s apt, bread and accoutrements in hand for what was the best medicine to a sleepy Monday morning. We based our recipe off of spoonforkbacon’s rendition and basically used 3 eggs with some milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg as our dipping batter. 

Then we coated the bread in some crushed up cornflakes (yep the cereal) and added it to a buttered pan just like regular french toast


Give it a little flip after the cornflakes are browned and the bread has formed a crust. Be very gentle if your bread is pretty moist when you’re flipping the toast. 

Because this is so decadent, you actually don’t really need the maple syrup typical to a french toast recipe. In fact, we agreed it went better with a classic nutella+PB combo! and of course some bananas. Try!

Julia’s the organized one, clearly….

her plate:

Imagemine meh i need food styling skillsImage



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