Easter Samosas



You know that saying that goes something along the lines of “you don’t know that it’s a lion until you finally see a lion?” Okay, that’s not quite right, but when you’re trying to think about your favorite thing to do, I mean, how hard is that to nail down??

Well, this epiphany thing happened to me on Saturday. I was setting up my kitchen at home in ATL to make these samosas, and I thought, “this, THIS, is my absolute favorite thing to do! Cook at home in the springtime, music playing, with my fam.” Well, “with my family” is a bit of a stretch bc basically I made the food (along with my Granna) and my sister, dad, mom, and Granna ate it. Nonetheless, GREAT spring day.

When most people think of traditional holiday food, Easter brings to mind deviled eggs, lamb, green beans, spring things. In my family, we like to add some sort of Indian food to every holiday. The day before Easter, I decided these samosas would be a good snacking food, appetizer, and part of the dinner menu if they ever made it that far. They turned out to be pretty delicious, but I never realized the sweetness factor in parsnips. If I were to make these again, I’d add some more curry powder and maybe some curry paste or something. We ended up topping them with various pickles (garlic, mango, chili, shrimp…) 

Happy easter!

Recipe from goodthingsgrow: http://goodthingsgrow.com/baked-red-lentil-parsnip-samosas/

Imageyogurt, flour, butter, salt

ImageImageDrizzling in the cold water helped the dough go from powder to this beautiful thing^^ 


knead the dough


after forming the dough, wrap it up in a ball tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and leave in fridge for a couple of hours



parsnips, onions, garlic



lentil-parsnip mixture cooking with zee spices



before going into the oven:



Hoppy Eastah



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