Chorizo-spinach stuffed poblano peppers


I’ve been trying to do stuffed poblanos ever since I read about a beer-bean risotto stuffed one from the Sprouted Kitchen cookbook. But, of course I never have any of the ingredients to make it.

Since Trader Joe’s opened, I, along with many, have been scouring the obscure TJ products found no where else. I found this soy chorizo and decided it would be a good pepper-stuffer.

Here’s what I did, but I would follow a recipe looking back because mine was wayyyy to greasy and should really be a post-triathlon meal (okay so maybe I will recommend this for men…):


Slice a poblano pepper down the seam, removing the seeds and pulpy stem. Char on the stovetop if you have a gas stove, but if you’re like me, just set the oven on broil and put the pepper on the highest rack for about 15 minutes. Once the outside has charred, you can scrape off the black stuff. (One trick I learned was to stick the pepper immediately into a plastic bag and seal, which will help it sweat off the char)

While the pepper is in the oven, heat up some onions and garlic, chorizo, jalapenos, really whatever you’ve got. I think I would put some rice, beans, and tomatoes and had less chorizo. I would also recommend some frozen spinach. I ended up just wilting in some spinach at the end.

When the poblano is ready to be stuffed, mix your filling with some cheese and salsa, and stuff away! Bake in the oven for ~15 mins at 400 degrees F.

Here are some recipes that I tried to follow:

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