Butternut squash caramelized onion galette – first Smitten Kitchen cookbook recipe



My 3 cookbook Christmas presents are currently my prized possessions. And if you come over to my apartment, be wary that I WILL make you look at them. My friend Kelly proceeded to bookmark all of the recipes in my new Smitten Kitchen cookbook that she wanted us to make together. I’m so glad she did, because it’s making us dedicated to actually making plans.

This galette, paired with a spinach salad, was the perfect hearty winter meal. The dough has only a bit of whole wheat flour, yet it tasted really grainy (so it cancels out the 2 sticks of butter in the dough, right?). As you may see in my other posts, I love to cook with others as a bOnDiNg activity. This one is great, because if you’re good at the pastry stuff, go for the dough. But if you aren’t, someone can take charge of the chopping, grating, and stove-top cooking.

I love actually putting the galette together, because you’re anticipating this beautiful wreath but it takes a bit of work to get there!

Here’s some pics of our adventure:

Butternut squash gets roasted at 400 and thinly-sliced onions cook on low-med heat for 25 minutes


fontina + asiago cheese




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  1. umm…HOW did I not know what your blog was until this moment? After browsing through it all I am craving this delicious thing the most…next time we hang, we’re cooking.

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