We’re going backwards…much to catch up on


So now I’m stealing from my twitter account….I keep taking these god awful pictures on my dinky phone, but what the heck, I’m sharing them loud and proud now.

I made this homemade pasta literally the night before I came to San Fran. Probably a good place to start? I think my mom wanted it to be a mother daughter distraction activity to draw her away from panicking that I left the east coast for three months.

Thanks to my wonderful aunt Jessie, I now have a fancy pasta-making machine!!!! This beaut came from williams-sonoma and let me tell you, it weighs as much as an anvil. The recipe is incredibly simple and just involved lots of folding and rolling and re-rolling out dough. I think it’s something like two cups of flour and three eggs?

You sort of form a volcano of flour and plop the eggs in the middle, gently whisking the eggs in bit by bit. We cut out pasta, threw it in some boiling water for 2-3 mins and added it to some fabulous white wine garlic clam sauce. A mama mia!




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