a san francisco summer births a blog





Wow, that’s an interesting way to put it. After freaking out that San Francisco could be a total flop and I would be one of those girls who ends up with roommates who make your life miserable, it turns out that the Lord is good and it works out sometimes. Run-on sentence…

From the second I got here, my roomies and I have shared our affinity for baking cookies in mass proportions, Grey’s Anatomy and other stereotypical college girl activities! I’ve been so blessed to have awesome people surrounding me in this foreign place, and this blog started because we want to keep up when we no longer live in the same apt. 😦

I’ m going to backtrack on these first few posts because I’ve got lots of food I want to share, but hello blog. Hello, Anne Marie, at the moment you’re the only one reading this 🙂


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