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Super moist zucchini brownies




Cookie+Kate’s Zucchini Brownies are absolutely divine. To be honest, these are the first brownies from scratch I’ve made. However, I don’t think I’ll try another recipe after this. The combo of honey, zucchini, oil and eggs makes these SUPER DENSE but not in an overwhelming way. I had to ┬ástart over because I replaced coconut oil with butter, but the second time around, I used vegetable oil. Kate recommends any neutral oil.

The suggestion to use dark chocolate chunks was ON PAR. I also don’t have any of the flours recommended in these, so I used a mixture of AP and white wheat to make me feel a little healthier. Maybe this is unacceptable, but I really liked them for breakfast. No processed sugar!! I think this is a pretty easy dessert to bring ┬áto a party. While I thought the zucchini was pretty visible, no one who tried them really could figure it out. Somebody asked if they had applesauce in them actually (???)



shredded zucchini drained…the strainer didn’t really work for me so I pressed them with a paper towel

DSCN0532(pretend like the butter is oil :))






DSCN0546choco-veggie goodness