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A Birthday Bake-Out



There is nothing like a Sunday afternoon with the smell of Nutella lingering in the kitchen as it graces EVERY piece of this decadent cupcake recipe! From a coffee flavored cupcake to a nutella ganache (not sure I made that one right) to a nutella buttercream, this was quite the recipe for hazelnuts. (I was going for Ferrero Rocher bc Krupa loves them!)

This was my first time attempting buttercream and I ended up using a mini plastic bag as a piping bag (works pretty well!) but I think it turned out well! Happy birthday shout out to the rails to my rails n fries Krupaaa these are for youu

My first time baking with Christine, she was a trooper in helping with this marathon of a recipe!




round 2 (made a half recipe but this was still huge!)


so, we did attempt to make this nutella ganache with nutella and heated heavy cream, but it never really reached the right consistency….still delicious though I think!


ganache IN the cupcake