Maple Bacon Biscuits and BRUNCH


2014-02-01 10.58.02

2014-02-01 10.58.06-1

That six letter word, ladies and gents. Brunch. I think I speak for allthesingleladies when I say that brunch is THE best six letter word out there. Whether you’re a boozy brunch person, a quiet tea and crumpets kinda brunch person, or a Carrie-Bradshaw-swanky-NYC-bruncher, it’s always the best.

This past Saturday, the reason for celebrating was nothing, really. Just another attempt at making my life a Nora Ephron movie, these maple bacon biscuits and my soul sistah Claire made it a wonderful morning. Claire and I used to have this blog which you should totally check out called lachansondusoleil where we shared thoughts and art while attending different universities (<- ok am I British?)  We spent the night before poring over cookbooks when of course the obvious answer was in the SmittenKitchen book.

Here’s something to remember. If you are supposed to use bacon fat as part of the shortening to make the biscuits, don’t use turkey bacon. You don’t really get pan drippings :/. But that’s ok! Because it just means you get to use more butter 🙂

When you make these, take up Deb’s suggestion to freeze the biscuits you won’t eat BEFORE baking them. Biscuits are absolutely the best the day they are made, so I would follow her suggestion and freeze the pre-baked cut out biscuits you don’t want in a freezer bag. Key part to this recipe: soaking the cooked bacon in the maple syrup for a few minutes. Um, yum!

Flippppiinnnn bacon

2014-02-01 10.10.03


Cutting the butter into flour, baking powder, salt. Big debate over whether to use a pastry cutter or our hands. Our hands won the debate.

2014-02-01 10.17.10

Claire, professional bacon chopper

2014-02-01 10.17.15

Oh yeaaaa. This took a little bit of work, I must say. Claire was really smart to add some more of the buttermilk and ice water to get our dough to come together. While we used the rolling pin to even out the dough, I think Deb is really on point by telling you to flatten out the dough with your hands. It makes it less likely to become tough and keeps the shape relatively compact. We made them a bit thinner than she suggests!

2014-02-01 10.30.41

2014-02-01 10.39.41


2014-02-01 10.55.19

2014-02-01 10.57.57

2014-02-01 11.00.13


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