Unlikely ingredients meet: African-Style Stewed Kale


2013-12-11 19.56.55


Here’s the story about the pic. My sister decorated these apples for Thanksgiving and there wasn’t really any appropriate prop for the pic, so this apple is here to symbolize the opposites in this recipe. But then after I took this, we dubbed this “Snow White’s last meal.” If you are following me, thanks, if not, just focus on the yummy kale!!

Just go with me for a second. This is one of those times where you sit back, relax, and just go with the recipe. I really have ZERO familiarity with African food but have been wanting to experiment with the ever-popular-and-trendy harissa, try David Lebovitz’s tagine recipe and Cookie+Kate’s west African peanut soup. Here’s where we start, African stewed kale. More than anything, the odd mix of ingredients dared me to make this dish.

Found via Bon Appetit’s pinterest, this recipe is for those who enjoy complex spices, vegetarian Indian dishes, curries, Thai food and KALEEEE (it’s number 7 out of 11). Honestly, you really don’t need to be the biggest kale or dark greens lover though. As long as you love a curry-based sauce, I really think you’ll enjoy this hearty dish. AND, it’s easy! The chopping is minimal if you buy one of those big bags of kale from the grocery store, all you’ve got left is 1 onion and some garlic.

2013-12-11 18.33.28My camera was feeling emotional, sorry for the dark lighting.

2013-12-11 18.46.04

BFFs: 2 TBS butter, 1 chopped onion, 3 cloves minced garlic

2013-12-11 18.48.21

A hefty portion of coriander and cumin

2013-12-11 19.05.28Stewing away for 10-15 minutes in crushed tomatoes and a bit of water

Brace yourselves, here’s where it gets weird:

2013-12-11 19.07.13Yes, cilantro and peanut butter going in to thicken it up and GIVE IT SOME MYSTERY

2013-12-11 19.56.35You need some chili garlic sauce, Indian pickle, or sriracha at the end if you are from the spicier end of the gene pool

Then cook some quick couscous, I used roasted garlic and olive oil flavored kind that cooked up in 5 minutes from a package!! Be adventurous! I got my whole family to eat this and they had NO idea what was in it. The peanut butter has this way of making the sauce creamy without adding coconut milk, but you can’t necessarily identify it. Enjoy as a side or serve over couscous as a main!


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