Swiss-chard wrapped Black bean Bell pepper Quinoa Burritos


photo (84)

Good news, swiss-chard can be a substitute for collard greens! Maybe not the best green to wrap into burritos, but they’ll work! I very slightly adapted this recipe (literally only swapped swiss chard for collard greens bc they didn’t have it at Publix) and served two of them with a burr and some salsaaa. Goes perfect with some chips on the side but you know, I pretty much ate those as my appetizer and “protein powder” for getting me through the cooking process. For the record, I do realize there is no protein in tortilla chips.

photo (85)

My sister stopped by and although she wasn’t the biggest fan of the green leaves, she gave another stamp of approval for this flavor-rich filling. When to serve this? I’d suggest it for a low-key dinner for you and one other friend. Jill says you can make the filling a day in advance, and it’s not the kind of meal you really want to prep for a big dinner or party. All that leaf-wrapping-and-stuffing-flying is not the mood you’re going for on an entertainment night, right?

I ended up with some leftover quinoa great for lunch the next day, and I made a few without cheese that ended up great as well! One problem with using swiss chard is when you try and cut open the burrito, the tough red center of the chard is difficult to cut without a steak knife. So, get in your steakiest mood and whip out the big guns!

photo (82)


Start by blanching your chard or collard greens in a boiling bath of salty water. Takes a bit of the toughness out of the greens. Meanwhile get your quinoa going on a smaller burner.

photo (96)

Quick peek! See ya soon!

photo (95)Got my quinoa going, time to make the filling. Shred up the carrots and scallions (I used 4 instead of 3)

photo (94)Garlic is in the pan cooking with the cumin+coriander+oil

photo (93)

Filling infusing with spices! I added some salsa to make it more saucy

photo (91)Set up your station. Don’t forget to put potholders underneath hot pans. Key step here is to slice the chard’s stem so it can wrap easily over the filling.

Here’s how I went…quinoa, filling, cheese, roll, REPEAT (I am now a military chef)

photo (90)Example uno

photo (88)Little guys before going in the oven, covered at 350 for 20 mins.

photo (86)MMMMMMMMM helllooo

photo (83)

The cut open pic wasn’t as cute, so I’ll spare you 🙂

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