the first bake-out of second semester fourth year!!



I love that when I come back to school, there is always someone to bake with! And subsequently many hungry or just plain sweet-obsessed friends that are willing to eat some sweet goodies. From lazy cold afternoons to stress-induced exam baking, there have been many an occasion for baking up sweets for a crowd.

My first bake-out back at school consisted of baking some banana oatmeal muffins with my lovely baker friend, Arianna Parsons. While my strengths lie in full pantries and recipe searches, she holds the key to one of the most important skills in baking: measuring ingredients.

With a few almost-rotten bananas, oats (my fave baking ingredient), sugar, flour, milk and eggs, we whipped up some delicious muffins that are good as breakfast or dessert.

Here’s the banana oatmeal muffins recipe for ya. Enjoy!



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