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A crafty NYE + a night of great friends



This year, I decided to have a “New Year’s Eve Party.” Why the quotations? Well, not entirely sure it was a traditional definition of an NYE party bc it consisted of 2 people’s houses, 3 carpools, friends, surprise friends, and GREAT FOOD of course!

My lovely friends Sarah and Cessie helped concoct homemade sweet potato gnocchi, which was delicious AND a sticky mess, and we made walnut jam cake from our fave, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen.

To be honest, I think all sweet potato gnocchi recipes are more fake-it-til-you-make-it than an actual scientific recipe. They all have different ratios of potato to flour, and we ended up just continuing to add flour to our cheese-potato mixture until it resembled a dough. Even then, I think we shoulda added a bit more flour.

I decided that since it was NYE, we needed to sing happy birthday to 2013, so we did. And we also decided that it was completely necessary to SEW a newspaper greeting with sewing thread and two kebab sticks. One of our guy friends walked in during a climactic sewing moment, and I think he probably considered leaving what may have looked like a knitting party. (Srsly though, it was more exciting once more people got there). Here’s some pics of our cake!


Merry Christmas Mom, your present is a Tea Party



My mother knows a thing or two about being classy and she drinks ALOT of tea. So, my sister and I decided we’d throw a tea party for her and my Aunt Francie (mother to 5 boys, needs-some-estrogen-in-her-life aka tea party extraordinaire).

We sipped away at black tea from my mother’s gorgeous silver family tea set and ate mini curried chicken salad sandwiches. A long Sunday afternoon, it was a rarity to be able to have my sister, my mom, and my other mom gathered around the table talking freely for hours.

Though Queen Cathi did not bring her two Welsh corgies, the affair was still quite regal. I’ve been dreaming of scones for months now, and these cranberry-orange scones turned out quite delicious. Apparently, they are called “cream biscuits.” They key to any biscuit-type sweet or baked good is barely mixing the dough. A few quick pulses in the food processor and then a quick marriage of dry+wet ¬†ingredients. Other variations that sound delish to me: chocolate almond, maple oat, lavender honey, lemon thyme

Usually if it’s a bit dry, I just liberally dust my cutting board with TONS of flour to make the mess more doughy!



who needs sandra lee tablescapes when I’ve got Marie and Mom?

I think this is my “sup, i’m proper” face


picture on the table is from my parents and the Quigleys first Christmas as friends
lady quigley with us!